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Website Management Services

Mel Dyer can build you a website that will be easy for even an inexperienced site owner to access and update.  However, if you prefer to have Mel Dyer do the updates, quick and cost-effective webmastering services can be yours - a sound investment in your website's success at only $19.95 per month!

Webmastering your site includes the following:

Mel Dyer can also edit and maintain your existing website, wherever it is hosted:

Price breakdown for Webmaster Services:

$19.95/month - Standard Webmastering (as described above)

$24.95/month - Webmaster Developer

It is offered monthly, quarterly and semi-annually.

Online Editing

This is site inspection at its simplest – one visit and all your links are checked!  Your site is tested for visual clarity, user-friendliness, and effectiveness.  Then, Mel Dyer prints out a copy of each page, edits content line by line (in clear proofer marks) and mails it all to you.

Only $8.00 per printed page

Pay as You Go Webmaster Work:

For price breakdowns for editing an existing site, without Webmaster Services ($45.00/hour), please send email with a detailed description of what work you need done and Mel Dyer will contact you with a quote.

Conditions of the Pricing:

The below conditions reflect a charge on top of the monthly webmaster charge.

When a new page is added to the website, it is billable at ˝ the rate of the cost of a new page.  The cost of a new page is $80.00/page.  This applies to the actual website that the services are applied to at the time of the purchase of "Webmaster Services".  If a new website or webpage is required outside of the main website, then it is billable at the full price of a new quoted website or web page.

Major website changes on any given webpage of the website that is applied to the "webmaster" plan are billed at ˝ Mel Dyer's hourly rate of $45.00/hour.  Major changes are 40% to 100% changes to a website or page.  On-site picture taking is billed on the hourly wage of $45.00/hour.

Monthly Plan - $19.95

Quarterly Plan - $59.95

Semi-Annual Plan - $120.00

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