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This website was designed and is maintained by Mel Dyer. Resources for Parents of Persons With Developmental Disabilities

Well, here we are.

One minute, you're dancing at a party.  The next minute, you're the parent of someone with a developmental disability.

You've got up-days, down-days, clueless days, days you need a vacation and days you need a miracle!

But, the party isn't over.

As the mother of a child with a developmental disability, I recall the challenges of so many early experiences in my life and realize that those experiences were preparing me for this time, right now..and what I hope will be an inspiring exchange of ideas with you. is a place where parents will share their strength and laughter with one another, and exchange experiences and information with you.  It's also a place for students and professionals in special education, vocational rehab, healthcare and social work to share with and learn from folks like us, who love someone with a developmental disability.

Welcome to our community.

Shirley Poindexter Dyer, Parent


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