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Yello-Rages: The Mineternian Web Directory

The dark magic of the original He-Man's epic adventures is celebrated on these select sites ..

Masters of the Universe: The Comics

"Forget what you saw in the cartoon - it's all a big conspiracy!" This magnificent nostalgia site features a cover gallery and extensive commentary on the first through sixth series of minicomics, all of which are available for download in their totality here.

The Vaults of Grayskull

A tribute to the original 'barbarian' concepts of the early minicomics, rather than the animated series. Read the three-part GRAYSKULL novel here!

Duke Nostalgia's MOTU Box Art Gallery

If you have forgotten the haunting power of He-Man's Pre-Classic world, this is the place to become mesmerized by it, all over again!  The story of an Eternia trapped in an epic war between gods and monsters was never told better than in the evocative and enigmatic box art paintings of William George!  Masterpiece by masterpiece, with no shortage of timely commentary, the Duke's nostalgia machine will spirit you back to a time, when that world was magical, darkly enigmatic and new -- good journey!

Tales of Mineternia

Blending the spind-tingling suspense of King-styled horror with brutal, bone-breaking Howardian action, this site features six short story adaptations of the Pre-Classic Masters' minicomics, a couple of drafts and even glossary!

Hordak Alpha's Mineternia

The e-comic pioneer is also one of the most prolific authors of Pre-Classic MOTU fiction online.  This archive of short, hard-hitting fantasy, with the soul-stirringly tragic In Remembrance thrown-in, brings the savage world of the original He-Man to life!

The Teela Shrine

"Behind the few loose strands of deep vibrant red hair, a pair of bright blue eyes glimmer. Their depth is immeasurable, and their potency homicidally focused." These are the words of Necrono, handsome Water Oracle and Teela'Na High Priest, and this is a shrine to Teela, Eternia's Herioc Warrior Goddess!

MOTU Rebirth

The very first author to share his genius with E-Minor, Gary Wolfchild's writing an MOTU novel (Grayskull: The Book).  So far, he's up to Chapter 10, and he's got a picture of himself up there you can download and -- well, what other site's got that?  Yeah, beotch.  None.  Go, Gary.


Explore OTHER Masters-inspired sites ..

Hordak Alpha's Slimepit

The ground-breaking e-comic, SECOND HORDE WAR, is the first and greatest attempt at reviving the magic of the minicomics!  Hordak's fiction paints a uniquely dark Etheria and is sure to inspire ideas of your own. Forums, downloads, news highlights, fan art, .. slime -- parfait for the chronic MOTU dabbler!

Still the giant in all things He on the web. Links to MOTU fan fiction, forums, scans of mini-comics and MORE!  Whatever else you want, they got that too, except for ...

Forget it.  They got that too!

The Grayskull Archives

A compendium of information from the TV series, comics, and action figures -- atlases and character profiles. BEWARE REALLY, REALLY AGGRESSIVE POP-UPS HERE.

The He-Bro Pages

Buy figures and toys!  Meet the new cartoon Characters!  Join the bloody webring!  A very collector-friendly website for He-Fans and the home of HE-BRO, God-loving Champion of Eternia!

The Mysteries of Greyskull

Hands down, the Castle Archives is the biggest MOTU fan fiction archive online - with pictures, sound files, and music from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra Princess of Power cartoons.  Enjoy!

Mosquitor's He-Man Realm

The phantasmagorical fan fiction of Aidan Cross, aka Mosquitor, is featured here!  He also explores the secrets of the new and classic cartoon and toys with episode guides, character profiles and more!

Blade's He-Man and She-Ra Site

An encyclopedia of MOTU with elaborate character profiles, histories, genealogies and statistics!  Blade's history of the Masters of the Universe is one of the most imaginative ever attempted.

Could the He-man mythos be more at home anywhere, than in the Fatherland?  A great German website for fans of both the Classic and new Masters!

Masters of the Universe: New Millennium

The first Masters site to feature an open fan-fiction board, which welcomes untried authors to submit their fiction in a friendly forum!  NM also features a sizable vault of MOTU character history fiction.


Return to the days of high adventure, with these LORD of the RINGS, CONAN, BLACKSTAR, BEASTMASTER, XENA, SCORPION KING and KULL websites ..


This GREAT SITE, created by author Ash Greenslade, celebrates Arthur Pendragon, the legendary Pagan leader of Dark Age Britain. Here you will find guidance on how to interpret the symbolism of the old myths.  Discover how the ancient gods and goddesses of Celtic mythology became the characters of Arthur's court, and how the legends reveal much about our ancestral beliefs!


Gorgeous and elaborate retelling of the Arthurian Legends that surely inspired Eternia -- enough reading here for several days. Of course, if you hate Arthur, just stare at gorgeous Heather's picture for awhile! How's that workin' for ya?


The official site for the sword-swinging barbarian!

Barbarian Nation

This site serves as a tribute to the most powerful and mighty barbarian of them all.. Conan of Cimmeria! Here, you will find information about Conan, Conan's world, its people, and other interesting stuff. An original Conan site, unlike any other!

Barbarian Keep

The pages herein deal with topics relating primarily to Conan the Cimmerian, Robert E. Howard (the creator of Conan) and his other works -- the history, myths, etc. of real barbarians, and ancient weapons.

Dedicated to the memory and work of J.R.R. Tolkien, the fantasy writer loved all over the world by children and adults alike.

Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction

All fiction on this page is based on the Lord of the Rings series of books and movies. Works on this page may contain SLASH.

Fiction at

A vast collection of written works by many talented writers. In both stories, screenplays and poems, they have all been inspired in their own way from the television series.

With links to more than 1,500 web sites, mailing lists, chat rooms, etc., XENA ONLINE RESOURCES is the best starting point on your search across the World Wide Web for Hercules and Xena resources!

Xena Pages at

Still the oldest site on the web - chock full of news and religiously updated.

The Xena Scrolls

Another Xena resource site still going strong and regularly updated!

The Iolausian Library

A large (800 plus) index of Iolaus and Hercules stories.

The Iolausian Dimension Fan Fiction Index

Tales from the quills of dedicated Iolausian bards.

The Hall of Big, Bad Barbarian

A celebration of the colorful worlds Conan, Solomon Kane, King Kull, Black Turlogh -- where men were mighty, women beautiful and problems were solved with steel wills and broadswords!

Queen Memnon's Stabbidy Death

Memnon, not Mathayus, is the star of this Scorpion King fan fiction!  Read slowly -- like Blackstar fic, this stuff is rare.

An attractive site with a very cool episode guide!

A rare site celebrating one of the guilty pleasures of the 80s!


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