Buy the AGES of AENYA!!

By Nick Alimonos

Xandr is a recluse and a wanderer. Thelana, having lost her family to famine, survives in the slums as a thief. They are the last of the Ilmar, primitives shunned by society. But when a star falls from the heavens, only the secrets guarded by their people can save civilization from ruin. With the aid of Grimosse, an over-protective golem, and Emma, a young witch who talks to ravens, Xandr and Thelana must race to the frozen peaks of the Pewter Mountains before a second cataclysm reshapes their world.

Due to the overwhelming collector demand for one of the first Masters-inspired novels, AGES of AENYA, we are presently all out of copies, ..but you can still BUY IT online at  Like its fore-runner, DARK AGE of ENYA (cover art, at left), this book is already a COLLECTOR'S ITEM -- do not miss out!

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