Buy the DARK AGE of ENYA!!

By Nick Alimonos

Naked warrior-nomad Xandr is caught in a timeless war between gods and demons, when a faceless evil spreads war and famine across the savage world of Enya!  Armed with a skull-faced sword and allied with a band of hardened outcasts, he braves the barbarous Dead Zones and the ancient mysteries of Hollow Mountain, racing toward an apocalyptic destiny in the wastelands, .. where a battle with incarnate destruction, the bloodthirsty Hatshepsut, will change his alien world forever!

Due to the overwhelming collector demand for the first Masters-inspired novel, DARK AGE of ENYA, we are presently all out of copies, .. but you can still read excerpts from the book or BUY IT online at the Xlibris Bookstore.  This book is already a COLLECTOR'S ITEM -- do not miss out!

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