What is Mineternia?


Mineternia is a word that refers to the Eternia of the first eleven minicomics, which were packaged with the Masters toys between 1982 and 1983.  It is a world that predates the five-issue DC Comics comic book series, in which the Adam/He-Man dual identity was introduced, AND the Filmation cartoon that followed.  While those early minicomics were published by DC Comics, after 1984, all other minicomics were produced solely by Mattel and were loyal, in content and tone, to the classic TV cartoon.

While those first eleven minicomics weren't Shakespeare (and were never intended to be), their creators -- Donald F. Glut, Gary Cohn, Alfredo Alcala, Mark Texeira and Dave Manak -- gave us an Eternia marrying the genres of gothic horror (The Tale Of Teela, Ordeal Of Man-E-Faces) and science fiction (The Menace Of Trap-Jaw).  It is also transmythical, because it uses ideas from the mythologies of the world (Greek, Norse, Hindu and Arthurian legend) to tell a brand-new story in much the same way H. R. Tolkien uses these influences in his Lord Of The Rings books.  The land, sea and sky of Eternia, as shown in The Vengeance Of Skeletor, is alive with the spirits of nature and magic - gods and demons fighting for control of a world they share with mankind.

This website is where the words 'mini' and 'Eternia' were first fused into the more evocative word, Mineternia, in 2003.  Before fans and fan artists, like Hordak Alpha, Gary Wolfchild, Tanvir (T. F.) Stephens, L. E. Bryce, Eyas Stormwolf, Drunken Fist, Fallen Eldor and a few others adopted it, early Masters minicomics enthusiasts were a fandom with no name.  These friends of He-Man Tales have made it a very powerful and unifying word - given it a kind of magic, you might say - and this website might not still be here without their unwavering support.

I wish to thank all of them very much, right here.

So, Mineternia also refers to the fans (and fan fiction) of this period, and we Mineternians are He-Man's first fans.  We were hooked from the first time we laid eyes on the breathtakingly dark William George box art paintings.  Everyone, who's ever bought a He-Man toy or passed one on a store shelf remembers what that was like.

Doesn't that mean we were all Mineternians once?

Maybe the next time you see that 'm' word on something, you'll take a breath and kind of sink back into that dark, primordial place from which all He-fans come.

Welcome back to the fold.

Mel Dyer, Publisher

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