M E L  D Y E R,  P A R A N O R M A L

Claircognizance is the ability to know something, without receiving it through normal or physical senses. Sometimes, someone with this ability or gift is called a 'sensitive'.

It is the feeling of knowing that something about a person, place or situation is peaceful or malevolent (threatening), in some way that is not apparent to our normal senses: smell, sight, touch. It is NOT communicating with the Dead or any extra-dimensional entities, ..which I do not do. It is NOT experimenting with conjuring board games or rituals, which I don't do and never will, because I believe that whatever the Almighty has closed or left open to us, the living, ..He left that way for a very good reason that we are not likely to understand. 

Furthermore, I am not a priest, holy man or shaman. I don't pretend to know some better way to pray or commune with God, than the ways those folks or your own grandmother could or has already shown you. Whatever you believe in and have believed in for most of your life will always be stronger, than anything I or anyone else can show you. I did not say it will always be better - I said stronger. So, I hope you believe in something good. 

Just the same, I don't believe anyone should ignore something they are sensing about a person or place, in the present, because I also believe God left those feelings with us for a good reason - sometimes, for our own protection or the protection of those we love. So, when you feel like you might need a second opinion on that kind of feeling, I am confident that I can support you, with fellowship or resources, ..if you give me a call. 

I am Mel Dyer. Text me, right now.. at (202) 297-5405. 

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