How can anyone characterize himself by a single, finite list of snapshot observations, when life is so limitless with possibilities?  Even now, like the Suitland creeks I sported in as a boy, I am changing and growing.  I am learning and upgrading, and what meager truths I share with you today will likely be dwarfed by a great epic that is only beginning to unfold, and what will you have then?

When a creek becomes an ocean, what of the creek is left with us?

all pebbles and babble

HOMETOWN:  Washington, D.C.

OCCUPATION:  Technical writer; web developer

AGE:  over 40

SEX:  Male

ETHNICITY:  Mexican, Syro-Lebanese and Afro-American

DATING/MARITAL STATUS:  Single, taken (and released)

RELIGION:  Catholic

ORIENTATION:  heterosexual

EYES:  Brown

HAIR:  Shaved

BIRTH SIGN:  Leo, July 30

HEIGHT:  A little over 5' 10.5"

WEIGHT:  Under control

BODY TYPE:  Under construction

HEALTH:  Average

PHILOSOPHY:  Mediocrity is an unacceptable apology for low expectations.



SPORTS:  soccer [Chivas!!!], swimming, day hiking and racquetball

READING:  horror, military history, fantasy, Hollywood bios and an occasional science fiction novel or comic book (if really good).  [Top Five: The Golden Age of the Moor, Sula, Heart of Darkness, The Naked and the Dead, The Stand]

CINEMA:  sci fi, westerns, detective/psycho thrillers, disaster epic, sword & sorcery, war epics.  [Top Five:  Macbeth (O. Wells), Guns of Navarone, Cassanova (Fellini), Dune (Lynch), Conan The Barbarian]

ACTOR:  Anthony Hopkins (everything)

SINGER:  Dame Shirley Bassey

FOOD:  Indian, Tejano (Tex-Mex), Chinese, Peruvian, Chilean, Soul, Panamanian, Caribbean, Hunan, Italian, Swiss.  [Best Dish: Steak Diane la Pauvre]

ARTISTS:  Shirley Poindexter Dyer, Eldzier Cortor, Tamara De Lempicka, Fernando Botero, Norman Rockwell, Diego Rivera, Salvador Dali, Edward Hopper, Max Ernst, Alex Ross, Raphael, Michelangelo, Pierre Et Gilles

MUSIC:  jazz, classical, 80s pop, free-style, Euro, world, a little metal

TELEVISION:  documentaries, crime scene/detective thrillers, sci fi

SUPERHERO:  He-Man or Wonder Woman

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