The Heraldric Meaning of the 2018 Poindexter Family Reunion Crest 

'Heraldry' is a centuries-old code for symbols and colors on European family crests. Though our branch of the Poindexter family is Afro-American, and our crest was created exclusively for our postponed 2018 reunion - and is not registered with any heraldric organizations in Europe - we have researched how our crest fits the code ..and found that it fits, exceptionally well.

Could this be the new Poindexter family crest?

LION in field of BLACK 

This symbolizes steadiness and persistence (BLACK), through courage (LION). It is a testament that the indomitable will of our ancestors to survive unimaginable hardships, like war and slavery in America, have sprung from our unwavering courage and the inspiration to aspire to more.

STAR in field of BLUE 

This symbolizes strength and determination (BLUE), through God's grace (STAR). It is a testament that our family's strength and will to survive and succeed have been and continue to be blessings from God, ..and that we should be grateful for them, always.


The banner symbolizes that our ancestors were LEADERS of men, and the gold symbolizes that they possessed great knowledge and WISDOM. The name Poindexter means 'right fist', and the upraised, right hand, in a RED gauntlet is the mark of a knight. All together, it is a testament we live and lead, with the understanding of what is represented below, in blue and black - that we have ancestors and elders, who have sacrificed for us, and a God, who continues to bless us. It also represents the deeper meaning of our family name..."Spur the steed!"


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