S T E A K  I S L A N D



Welcome to Steak Island...


Bullethedd is a pointy-headed alien strongman, who works at wholesaler, Bygmo Whole World, ..where he stumbles in and out of the Iron Munkee's schemes for [Koff, koff!] ..Byg-global domination!

Iron Munkee, the evil, cybernetic general manager of Bygmo Whole World store, plots to flood the world with tasteless Bygmo-brand junk!

Sarge Marble is a statue that Bullethedd talks to in the park, ..and grumpy, old Sarge talks back.

Twinkly Blanket, Bullethedd's inquisitive, baby-like, alien friend, is a columnist for The Fiery End O'Times, the universe's oldest newspaper.

Astraia the Ax, a wild-eyed, state-certified medicine fairy, scares away Bullethedd's ailments with an office full of terrifying medieval weapons.

First Mondingo, in an age of buttoned-down, Wall Street crooks, is the only hooded, cave-dwelling witch-banker that Bullethedd can trust!

Bygmo Whole World Store is the gargantuan wholesaler warehouse, where Bullethedd works. Tyranically ruled by the Iron Munkee, it's so big, you don't even know you're still there!

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