He-Man Tales


Maps and Timeline of Eternia from the Minicomics, Magazines and Filmation TV Series

A VERY rough outline of historical highlights, compiled from the MOTU minicomics, comic books, international magazines and other publications


Prehistoric Times, *PE ~ Tyrantosaurs, Bionatops and Konzillas roam Eternia.  Ape Clan clashes with Snake Clan.

5,000 yrs. PE ~ An asteroid strikes Eternia, destroying world civilizations.

1,000 yrs. PE ~ The Snake Men form the Imperium Serpentis and conquer Eternia.  The Imperium rules without any serious challenge for nearly a thousand years.

1-7 yrs. PE ~ Grayskull Tower elder, Eldor, transforms a slaveboy into He-Ro for the first time!  Inspired by He-Ro, Eternia's oppressed rise up against the Imperium Serpentis and its tyrannical ruler, King Hiss.  He-Ro destroys the Imperium and unifies the Eternian Kingdom, which comprises most of the planet's Light Hemisphere.


1 day, *EK ~ Grayskull Tower disappears from the Evergreen Forests.

300 yrs. EK ~ Grayskull Tower reappears as Castle Grayskull.

4,980-4,986 yrs. EK ~ Evil Horde invades Eternia.  King Miro disappears and is believed dead, as is Prince Keldor.  Horde massacres Eternians.  Duncan and Randor survive the attack and wage war against the Horde.  The Horde establishes Snake Mountain, as its seat of power.  Captain Marlena Glenn crashlands on Eternia and joins Prince Randor's forces.  Attacked from all sides, the Horde is defeated and Eternia rejoices.  Newly crowned King Randor marries Marlena, making her queen of Eternian Kingdom.

4,987 yrs. EK ~ Sorceress Teelana gives birth to Teela and gives her to Duncan, the Man-At-Arms, who raises her as his own daughter.

4,988 yrs. EK ~ Prince Adam and Princess Adora are born to King Randor and Queen Marlena.  Hordak takes the infant Princess Adora hostage and escapes to planet Etheria.

5,000 yrs. EK ~ Skeletor terrorizes Eternia.  Sorceress outfits Adam with korodite harness, which renders him nigh invulnerable, and the Sword of Power, which can cleave through almost any magic and transforms him into THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE [I HAVE THE POWER!!].  Concealing his powers to protect his loved ones, Adam battles the forces of evil, on a world that will call him .. HE-MAN!


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