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The first eleven Masters of the Universe minicomics introduced us to a He-Man, who was more barbarian warrior than superhero, and he roamed a post-apocalyptic world, Eternia, which seemed to be verily alive with elemental power.  Those first minicomics gave us forests and mountains protected by the mysterious Teela, a goddess of nature and of magic!  They gave us deep, perilous oceans terrorized by the sea demon, Mer-Man, and his monsters, ..and they showed us a vast cosmos presided over by the god-like enforcer, Zodac!

This is Mini-Eternia (or *Mineternia), and all of it crammed into just thirteen or so pages, with every comic!  Phenomenal!

Minicomic fans love the dark feel of those first books, but, the genius of them was that the darkness was only suggested.  The Magic Stealer comic introduces us to Procrustus, god of the Inner World, but, without ever really showing us, leaves us to imagine how dark and foreboding his subterranean realm might be!  The Castle Grayskull of The Tale Of Teela and The Menace Of Trap-Jaw wasn't a magic clubhouse protecting Eternia from evil, as in the TV cartoon; it was an ancient weapon-of-mass-destruction--a terrible, haunted place that Eternia needed He-Man's protection from!  The He-Man of the minicomics was not so much a champion of the gods, as he was a champion of mankind, defending its right to exist in a world, trapped between warring gods and devils!

If Mini-Eternia has a defining border, this is the border.

The Filmation TV cartoon might never have become a classic, if creators, Donald F. Glut, Gary Cohn, Alfredo Alcala, Mark Texeira and Dave Manak, had not first given us the transmythical world of the minicomics.  Artists, like William George, who painted the breathtakingly dark box art (below), were also a part of bringing it to life.  This website is a celebration of the original Masters of the Universe and the creators of their wild and fantastic world.  It is also a tribute to the millions of fans, who are keeping it alive through the sharing of their art and fellowship.


Mel Dyer, Publisher



*This website is where the words 'mini' and 'Eternia' were first fused into the more evocative word, Mineternia, in 2003.  Use of the phrase 'mini-Eternia', however, predates this website and is still used interchangeably with 'Mineternia'.  Read more about that, here.


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