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Chief Editor, Publisher and Webmaster

Mel Dyer, Human Editing Ram


He-Man Tales Fictinuum Editors

T. F. Cooper, Cosmic Editorial Enforcer


'Interviews' Editor

Mel Dyer


Contributing Writers

Gary Wolfchild  (Grayskull: The Book)

Poe Ghostal  (Swords At World's Edge)

T. F. Cooper  (The Tale of Teela)

Nick Alimonos  (The Dark Age)

Eyas Stormwolf  (The Orbs of Trath)

Hordak Alpha  (Primus)

Drunken Fist  (Terrible Stranger)

Hefty Smurf  (Out of the Shadows)

Kirk Trigon  (Molly Glenn Offline, Eternia Lost)



The Master of the Universe (God)

Mattel Corporation, Big, Scary Corporation

Gary Cohn, Heroic Scribe  [Minicomic Series Two]

Mark Texeira, Heroic Artist  [Minicomic Series Two]

Tod Smith, Heroic Inker  [Minicomic Series Two]

Anthony Tollin, Heroic Colorist  [Minicomic Series Two]

Dave Manak, Heroic Editor  [Minicomic Series Two]

Donald F. Glut, Heroic Scribe  [Minicomic Series One]

Alfredo Alcala, Heroic Artist  [Minicomic Series One]

Lou Scheimer,  Heroic Creator  [He-Man TV cartoon]


Web Design and Content Development

Mel Dyer, Evil and Edits Everything


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