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It is my belief that all 6+ billion of us have--at least--6+ billion bits of information that are needed by all of us, and that each of us has expertise that we are obligated to share with as many as possible.

Even as a child, I believed there was always more to us humans than the eye could see or words could portray; so, a periodic nighttime view through my telescope has continued to be comforting, lest I forget.

I am Shirley, a woman rediscovering the joy of art, music, science, family and life.  When I'm not updating this webpage, I like to paint, sing, explore the universe and study ancient civilizations. This site has been established to share some of my experiences, likes, and perhaps dislikes, and to serve as a way station for countless others, who, like myself, have only begun their journey.

Enjoy.  Share my vision.