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Let's face it.  The World-wide Web isn't going anywhere.

Like renting office or storage space in the real world, the cost of your webpage will be determined by its size - the amount of webspace (or bandwidth) your site uses online.  Webspace can be expensive, and the designer's use of graphic images and infrastructure (the path between your homepage and other pages on your site) can make a big difference in keeping your operating expenses low.

Mel Dyer can accomplish your goals with the most cost-effective use of space and without sacrificing style or imagination.

To navigate the Information Age like a pro - to be taken seriously in the business world - you need a bold, simple, powerful web presence.  You probably already have an idea of what you want your website to say or do, but, even if you don't, Mel Dyer can help you with putting it together.

Here are a few questions to speed things along ...

Perhaps, there are a few questions we can answer right here...

How will my website look?

Rest assured that your website will be one of a kind and that nothing built here ever rolled off an assembly line.

Every website's a designer original, featuring art created especially for your site, unless otherwise supplied by you.  Photos and complex or animated (moving) graphics incorporated into your website will be tested and maximized for quick and easy loading.

How will anyone find my website?

Search-readiness, or how easily your website will be found on a search engine (like Google or Yahoo) is of supreme importance to this designer.  Mel Dyer programs websites with all the proper keywords and metatag encoding to best aid the search engines in finding your website.

Mel Dyer will also submit your site to all the major search engines, free of charge Since websites have to be consistently submitted to the engines in order to stay on them, you may choose to do further submissions yourself or to pay Mel Dyer to do further submissions.  [See Website Management for details.]

And how much will all this COST?

Keep in mind that web design costs depend greatly on the number of pages and features you want.  Below, are price estimates for a few basic features.

Homepage: $150.00  (with FREE trailer page, included)

Additional Pages: $80.00/page

Gallery Pages: $100.00/page

- A deposit of only 25% of the final, estimated cost is needed to green-light the building of your web site and will be deducted from your total, required payment, upon completion of the site.  After that initial payment of 25%, the remainder of the total cost will not be due, until the website is completed.

Your homepage is the face of your online presence.  Typically, it is a simple, attractive page that displays your name, slogan, a few graphics (a symbol, if you have one) and serves as a 'table of contents', linking the additional pages of your website.  Any page additional page featuring over fifty links and over thirty related graphics will be deemed a gallery page and charged accordingly.

The prices listed above are intended for use as estimates only on the total cost of your website.  The total cost will be presented to you in a quote, after consultation.

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